If you sell or give advice about annuities and life insurance and need an opinion from a disinterested third party, I can help.

"What Information Do I Need Before Beginning Work?"

I don't give legal advice, of course (I'm not an attorney), but I've got decades of experience helping agents deal with questions like -

What am I looking at here?

If I do it this way, are there any "land mines" to look out for?

Is there another approach I should be considering?

Often, the most serious threats are things we didn't perceive as threats. For example, if you're recommending a deferred annuity and your client asks if it shouldn't be in his living trust. OOPS! You may not and should not give legal advice, but you need to be aware of the consequences of having that annuity contract owned by or payable to a trust.

Another example: You're recommending a Universal Life policy and need to know whether you should check "Guideline Premium Test" or "Cash Value Accumulation Test". The consequences of the wrong choice could be very severe.  

If you've got a particular client's situation in mind and want my advice, I'll need a lot of information about that client. You should, at least, have all the information referred to in the "What Information Do I Need Before Beginning Work?" form below. If you're interested, give me a call. I never charge for a brief initial conversation.

"I have shared speaking platforms and a close personal and professional friendship with John Olsen for many years. In my view, where technical issues concerning annuity products, their uses, or their tax consequences are under discussion, John is without peer as an authority. I have been considered by some to be an authority in this area, but when I have questions I cannot answer, it is John Olsen to whom I go." -

Terry R. Altman, Certified Financial Planner at Altman Financial, LLC

"I have worked with John for several years. As the Editorial Director of Tax & Financial Planning at The National Underwriter Company, John was co-author of one of our advanced titles on annuities. He is an excellent communicator, teacher and mentor, and financial advisor".

- Deborah Miner, Advanced Markets Consultant and Professional Writer/Editor

Many questions posed by my advisory clients can be answered quickly (and at little expense to you). I don't even charge for a phone consult of only a few minutes. (Call it Professional Courtesy). If it's going to take some time to deal with your questions, I'll tell you, right up front, what my fee will be. Give me a call at 314-909-8818. I might save you a lot of time and trouble.

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