"John Olsen's Guide to Annuities for the Consumer", by John L. Olsen, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®


Chapter 1 - Why This Book Was Written and Who Should Be Reading It

Chapter 2 - The Variety of Annuities

Chapter 3 - The "Index" Annuity

Chapter 4 - Annuity "Costs"

Chapter 5 - Deferred Annuity "Riders"

Chapter 6 - Annuity Taxation

Chapter 7 - Annuity Myths, Misunderstandings, and Factors Often Overlooked

Chapter 8 - "When Does an Annuity Make Sense for Me?"

Chapter 9 - "What Questions Should I Be Asking the Agent?"

This is available either in paperback or as an “e-book”, readable on any laptop, tablet, or smart phone where the Kindle® application is installed (which can be downloaded for free from the Amazon web page for this book).

A "plain English" explanation, written in 2019 for consumers, of the various kinds of annuity policies - how they work, when they  often work well, and when they don't. It includes a chapter of questions you should ask any agent proposing an annuity (and if he or she can't answer them, find another agent).  It's not "for" or "against" annuities, My whole purpose in writing it was to give you enough information so that you can make an informed buying decision.

$9.95 as e-book   $22.00 in paperback

"Don’t dare buy an annuity (UNTIL YOU’VE READ “JOHN OLSEN’s GUIDE TO ANNUITIES FOR THE CONSUMER). Annuities can be incredibly powerful financial investments – but they are hair-pullingly complex – there are many different types – and they are not easily matched to a client’s needs. Getting clear, concise, and (hardest of all to obtain) objective information has been – until this book – almost impossible for a consumer to obtain.

And although Olsen calls this a consumer’s guide, I’ll bet a hot fudge sundae (I only gamble stakes this high when I’m sure to win) that few financial advisors will be able to provide you this amount of practical guidance on annuities."

- Steve Leimberg, Publisher: Leimberg Information Services (www.leimbergservices..com)

"For around 18 years, I’ve been impressed seeing John Olsen’s responses to questions raised by professional financial planners regarding retirement plans and options. I have been using in a Master’s level course that I teach the book, Advisor’s Guide to Annuities, that John wrote with Michael Kitces, and have been pleased with the way students use the book in their final paper.

John Olsen's Guide to Annuities for Consumers provides a very comprehensive discussion of annuities, but presents the information so that consumers will be able to better understand the pros and cons of annuities. He also addresses common criticisms of annuities. As example, he provides an excellent response to the statement that "Putting an annuity in an IRA 'wastes' the tax deferral of the annuity."

I am particularly pleased with questions that he suggests the consumer ask the person selling an annuity, and the types of statements or promises that should lead the consumer to talk to someone else. Any consumer that is interested in purchasing an annuity should find John Olsen's Guide to Annuities for Consumers extremely beneficial."

- Sam Van Why, CLU, ChFC, Professor at College for Financial Planning

"John Olsen is one of the few folks outside the annuity companies who really understand annuity products and how they actually work, and this book gives readers keen insight into the various provisions of annuity contracts and tax issues involving annuities that even most agents don't understand. Which is to say that this book is an excellent training guide for agents, in addition to being the "must have" guide for those who place their money into an annuity product."

- Jay Adkisson, Partner at Riser Adkisson,  LLP

"No one else can explain this subject with such clarity".

David Carroll Johnson

"I can count on one hand how many people that are relevant commentators in the world of annuities. John Olsen is on that list. John's new book "John Olsen's Guide to Annuities for the Consumer" is a breath of fresh air in the unregulated sales environment that continues to cloud the annuity industry. Not only is this a must read for anyone considering the purchase of an annuity, but should also be read by everyone who already owns a policy. In addition, annuity agents and anyone that sells annuities should be required to read it.
John Olsen is a asset to the annuity industry, and I wish he was CEO of the entire industry. John is a straight shooter, and is driven to provide clear and factual information to the consumer. If there was an Annuity Mt. Rushmore, John Olsen's face would be there. Buy this book. Read this book. Use this book to ask questions to an agent trying to sell you their 'perfect product.' Educate yourself on how annuities work, and if they are appropriate for your situation. This book is a must have."

- Stan the Annuity Man

EXPANDED 4th Edition