If you're a consumer and have questions about annuities or life insurance, I can help.

For consumers who hire me to give them information about life insurance or annuity policies they own or are considering, I provide clear, English language explanation of the costs and benefits of those policies. I will need full details of each policy under consideration to determine whether, in my opinion, they're "suitable" for your situation, given the information I'm provided. I will need to know about your goals and financial situation before making any assessment (see "What Information Do I Need Before Beginning Work?" at the bottom of this page)

If I'm asked to evaluate several life insurance and/or annuity policies, I will explain how those contracts work and the pros and cons of each, as I see them. I will do my best to provide enough information about those policies for you to make an informed decision, but I will never try to sell you anything or recommend any particular policy or insurance company. If, after looking at this site, you feel that you might benefit from consulting me, give me a phone call and we'll talk or email me. 

I never charge for a brief initial phone conversation and that's often the best way for us to begin. Or, if you wish, you can email me. Once we've determined what I will be doing for you, I'll need you to complete the "What Information Do I Need Before Beginning Work?” form below and email to me, so that I can review it prior to our consultation.

If you want me to review a specific life insurance or annuity policy you own or are considering, I'll need complete details of that policy before our consultation.

. All information I learn from you will be held in the strictest confidence.

consumer with annuity question

"What information do I need before beginning work?"

"I have known John for a decade or so and he is one of the most accomplished professionals I have ever known. John is the kind of person you would want in your corner working for you. He is exceptionally smart, conceptionally strong, and knows how to explain very difficult material (e.g., annuities) in a way that a lay person can understand. His books on annuities are very well written. I have had the pleasure of reading them.

He is very gifted as a writer. He takes a difficult subject and presents it in a fashion that people can understand. He is superb in developing clear, logical arguments, both orally and in written prose. He also knows how to use just the right example to make you understand what he is saying/writing. I endorse John's outstanding credentials and John as a person. He is a man of the highest integrity. He is also a warm and friendly person -- the kind of person you want to work and be with".

- Kenneth Warren, Ph.D, Prof. of Political Science, SLU, President: The Warren Poll.

"John is one of those rare individuals who takes the time required to fully envision a project, then commits to the vision and delivers on time and with great quality. He is a true expert who can explain concepts clearly and completely so that others get the most they can from his work."

- Diana Reitz, Editorial Director

"John's broad base of knowledge is the right range for "boomers" who need guidance and assurance about their financial planning. John can reinforce good planning strategies without people feeling they are being forced to make decisons".

- Tracy Oishi, retired

"When it comes to annuities John Olsen is the man. Speaking, teaching, consulting and expert witness testimony I know of none better."

- Ben Baldwin, Jr., Director Emeritus at Baldwin Financial Advisors, LLC