I have done Expert Witness work for both plaintiffs and defendants, in court and FINRA arbitration cases, for many years. I specialize in litigation involving civil or criminal complaints about life insurance policies and annuity contract sales. My fee for such work is $300 per hour. Due to severe back injuries, I am not able to travel, but I have worked on several cases where I was deposed in St. Louis and did other work through email or Zoom.

I require a retainer (typically, $3,000), payable in advance. Should my engagement end before I've done work equal to that retainer, any overage will be refunded.

TESTIMONIALS from attorneys who retained me as an Expert Witness

"I took a case that required an expert like John to establish standards of care in the insurance and investment industry. My own financial adviser gave me John’s name. Having worked with a lot of experts, some of whom possessed more integrity than others, I was admittedly skeptical to reach out to someone “cold.”

In the first five minutes of my conversation with John, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. He is neither a plaintiff’s expert nor a defendant’s expert. He is simply an expert at what he does with a gift for communicating difficult concepts simply and honestly. In the end, I credited John’s report with getting 3 banks and 3 investment companies to the proverbial settlement table ready to make my client whole. Thanks, John."

- Elaine Gray, JD, Partner: Fehseke & Gray

"I worked with John on a case involving the suitability of specific annuity policies for the insureds who had purchased them through my client. John was thorough, highly principled, and immensely knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with him and would again at any time."

Jeffrey T. Stewart
Seikaly Stewart & Bennett, P.C.

“John Olsen did a wonderful job of analyzing my clients´ problems and presenting his findings to the arbitration panel. His work helped us get a favorable award.”

- Steve Koslovsky, J.D.

“ "John played a key role, as an expert witness on behalf of a financial advisor, in a FINRA arbitration brought by a broker-dealer involving surrenders of variable annuities to purchase mutual fund shares. John brought his wealth of expertise to bear in providing very forceful and credible testimony to the arbitral Panel. He has a gift for simplifying complex transactions, in a principled and personable way, and extended himself to meet the demands of the case.”

Tim Bergin, Partner, Potomac Law Group, PLLC