Seminars, workshops, & webinars for
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"Life Insurance 101: What's the Best Type of Policy for This Client?" - 1 hour
"Myths and Misunderstandings about Life Insurance and Annuities" - 1 hour
"Catch 22: The "Source of Funds" Issue and its Impact on 'Insurance Only' Agents" - 1 hour
"The Changing 'Standards of Care' Environment, Fiduciary Duty, and Suitability" - 1 hour


I love teaching. I do "live, in person" classes for groups on a variety of topics. All of my presentations can be customized for your audience. The more I know about your group, the better my presentation - and your group's response - will be. . Some of my more popular topics are -

TESTIMONIALS from leaders of groups I've spoken to

"It is always a pleasure working with John Olsen. As the Education Coordinator for the CT Financial Regulation Division of the CT Insurance Department, he made me popular. Feedback from our exam and analysis staff was that the case studies we worked on with him in January were the most enjoyable sessions yet! We had to learn the basics about annuity suitability in November of the previous year before we could do case studies, so everything built up to it.

Many people have told me this was the best training day they have ever experienced. Of course, we probably should have booked John for the entire day, because we didn't even get through the entire handout there was so much participation from the attendees."

-Elaine Wieche, SOFE Chair for the Connecticut Insurance Department

"John has an amazing capacity for taking the thankless subject of annuities and presenting it to an audience in a way that is easy to understand. He does not believe that annuities are either right or wrong for everyone. He merely helps people understand the many variations and the proper place for each of them in a clients' portfolios."

- Robert Weagley, Ph.D, CFP®, Chair: Personal Financial Planning at the University of Missouri

"The Society of FSP has featured John Olsen as a speaker many times. He is always enthusiastic, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. John is one of our go-to experts on the topic of annuities as we can always count on a great presentation".

Sherry Chester, Director: Professional Development, Society of Financial Service Professionals


Often, it's more cost-effective and convenient for an advisor or group of advisors to have me do a webinar on a particular topic rather than come to their location and do it "in person". All of my "in person" presentations are available as "live" webinars (they're not pre-recorded). My fee for webinars is now $300 for groups at the same location (using the same computer) or slightly more for five or more locations. There are no fees for attendees other than my stated fee. Payment is due at the time of the webinar (Major Credit Cards Accepted)

My fee for presenting seminars or workshops depends a lot on the travel required. Give me a call and we'll talk. Many groups have found it cost-effective for me to conduct two sessions, on two related but different topics, "back to back". For groups in the immediate St. Louis area, my fee is VERY low.

"Tax Traps in Annuity Planning" - 1 hour
"Index Annuities 101: Looking Under the Hood" - 1 hour
"The Advisor as Defendant: Lessons From an Expert Witness" - 1 hour
"Strategies and Issues in Retirement Income Planning" - 1 hour

Olsen webinars

"John Olsen is one of the top 5 Annuity experts in the country. His presentations are educational, funny, and able to be applied to your practice immediately! The Central Illinois Chapter of the Financial Service Professionals has had the pleasure of 3 presentations from John at our annual
Mini-Institute. When we are looking for a speaker for Annuities, John is the first one we think of". -

Michael J. Reid, CLU, ChFC

Want a sample?  Listen to my presentation on "Case Studies
in Annuity Planning" (October, 2012)
(then click on bottom screenshot - labelled "Practical Case Studies
in Annuity Planning")

Olsen teaching class



Annuities 101: How do these things work?

The Agent as Defendant: Lessons from an Expert Witness

Index Annuities: Looking under the Hood

Tax Traps in Annuity Planning: What you don't know could hurt your client

The "Source of Funds" issue: A Land Mine for "Insurance Only" Agents

The Changing "Standard of Care" for Financial Advisors

Retirement Income Planning: Challenges and Solutions

Issues and Caveats in Retirement Income Planning

When do Annuities Work in a Retirement Income Plan?