If you don't sell insurance products but need to understand what your client owns or is considering, I can help.

I look closely

I will evaluate one or more annuity or life insurance contracts and give my opinion as to their suitability for the client, based upon the client information provided. I will need details of the contracts being considered and the client's goals and financial situation (see "What Information Do I Need Before Beginning Work?" below). If the policy in question has been in force for several years, we'll need an "inforce ledger" (if it's a life insurance policy"). If it's a deferred annuity, we'll need the annual statements. It's very helpful if you can give me a copy of the actual contract. Many insurers have changed the fees and benefits for newly-issued policies, so it's essential that we know the current fees and benefit levels for your client's particular contract.

 If you're interested, give me a call. I never charge for a brief initial conversation.

"What information do I need before beginning work?"

"I have known John for a decade or so and he is one of the most accomplished professionals I have ever known. John is the kind of person you would want in your corner working for you. He is exceptionally smart, conceptionally strong, and knows how to explain very difficult material (e.g., annuities) in a way that a lay person can understand. His books on annuities are very well written. I have had the pleasure of reading them.

He is very gifted as a writer. He takes a difficult subject and presents it in a fashion that people can understand. He is superb in developing clear, logical arguments, both orally and in written prose. He also knows how to use just the right example to make you understand what he is saying/writing. I endorse John's outstanding credentials and John as a person. He is a man of the highest integrity. He is also a warm and friendly person -- the kind of person you want to work and be with". 

- Kenneth Warren, Ph.D, Prof. of Political Science, SLU, President: The Warren Poll.

John's subject matter expertise extends across the entire gamut of financial and estate planning, making him a highly sought-after speaker on the professional circuit. I've been in attendance at some of these seminars, and the man doesn't disappoint. His knowledge of insurance products--annuities, in particular--puts him in the top echelon among industry gurus.

John's intellectual curiosity, his integrity, and his generosity make him someone you should know (if you don't already). He gets my highest recommendation."

- Howard Eisenberg, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CGMA, Financial & estate planning software entrepreneur

“John has an incredibly deep grasp of estate planning, taxation, and annuities. He has probably forgotten more about these topics than many attorneys who are supposedly "experts" in the field know.”

- Marion A. Keyes, Riverstone Law

"John Olsen is one of the premier experts in life insurance and annuities, and I've bounced ideas off him for years. John is a masterful seminar presenter who always packs the room."

- Jay Adkisson, Partner: Riser Adkisson

"For well over a decade, I have benefited from hundreds, thousands of direct communications with John Olsen regarding pursuit of people’s best interests in the world of finance.

(This has been long after my student days, in my subsequent continuing work developing systems and tools for investment education and investor guidance.)

I am pleased to have this opportunity to offer my very highest recommendation of John Olsen. He ranks at the very top in integrity; in expertise for pursuit of people’s financial interests; in candor, disagreeing plainly whenever he encounters anything he knows to be wrong; and in dedication to work through financial complexities for whatever effort it takes to find and reveal best paths for pursuit of people’s best interests."

- Dick Purcell, Visual Representations in Finance